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Hi Everyone!

Someone wrote that dying is like being born - I agree with that. Having had the privilege of being with my father at his passing I was impressed by how much like giving birth it is- a "labour of leaving". I had the sense of him passing into a different realm.

I certainly believe that there is a "Crowd of Saints" waiting to greet us - those who have gone ahead.

During the holidays whenI was at the beach, body surfing the waves or ducking under the big, rough ones - I was also thinking about evil in the world and how we learn to negotiate the evils, the dangers, with a bit of divine help...that God doesn't send the problems, they just ARE, as the rough seas and the tranquil seas are part of the same ocean, so the good and bad are all part of life. We learn to live the same ways as we learn to surf - surviving in the natural world as best we can...

Julie, So good to have you back! Can't tell you how much I wish I was on a beach. We've had way too much snow this past week!

I spent Mom's dying hours with her and can totally relate to your comparison to birthing. While it was a real trip for her, I felt blessed because we knew she was dying. All fo us had many opportunities to share all emotions with her. I just feel bad for those who cross over so quickly, and for those left behind that aren't given a chance to bid them farewll, 'til they meet again!

Your posting about the ocean and comparison to life reminds me that all of us have freee will and that's what gets in the way of God's work. [Wink]

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