This segment really captured me.

Page 48 when Eddie is talking to the Blue Man. The blue man is telling Eddie "You say you should have died instead of me. But during my time on earth, people died instead of me, too. It happens every day. When lightning strikes a minute afer you are gone, or an airplane crahes that you might have been on.......We think such things are random. But there is balance to it all. One withers, another grows, Birth and death are part of the whole."

Eddie could not understand what good came from the Blue Man's death and the Blue Man replied, "You lived".

I too, believe there are no coincidences. When we die, we go to the other side or heaven or whatever term makes you comfortable. I like heaven.

You meet with God and discuss the lessons you learned and what you could have done better now that you have the opportunity of hindsight.

I would like to think I will meet at lest five people who are going to help me put some order to this chaos I call life.

After meeting with God, I believe we spend alot of time with the other souls in heaven getting comforable absorbing their energy and absorbing the large lesson we just came through.

If any one has sat vigil during a daeth you know it takes tremendous energy to die. There is more energy there than that of the dying person. Same with birth.

Many of us will once again venture onto earth to continue the lesson(s) God has for us. We will work with him on making a life plan for the next go round and we arrive with full knowledge of this plan. As we grow, we become more human and lose the clarity of the plan and must rely upon our faith to guide us and give us "guideposts" that we are on the correct track. Sometimes human will takes over and the plan is not carried out. Most times we get very close.

I believe we interact and play a meaningful role (maybe short) with other souls with which we have lived before.

God is always there, guiding and encouraging us to live our lesson for us. Then come home for respite.

Many souls have been through many lifetimes and they at some point will not be coming back to earth. God needs them by his side and it is tiem for them to rest in eternity with Him. They have completed their work on earth.

We all interact for reasons unknown to us but known to God. Maybe our goal in life is to be the Blue Man. But that is God's plan.

Sounds crazy to those who can not open up to a differnt concept. It does not follow the strict teachings of the Bible. But I believe the Bible teaches us how to live as good people. It uses parables to convey to us humans what we need to learn.

I ahve lots more on this book that I could talk about in this vein but don't know if you ladies are open to it. What do you thinK?

I promise, when my time comes to leave this earth I will try to let one of you know what is up> K?