When I saw the smallness of 5 People I decided to read it.In fact I read it in 2 days which I haven't done in years. I liked it. It was a strong story. I liked the fact that he choose a character that most of us wouldn't have a chance to know,or relate to, in our liftime and had us see we are all connected.I just wonder where the story would have gone if Eddie hadn't been in the war.
The 5 lessons are poignant,time honored,yet presented in a different manner so they serve as a reminder for me. Things that NEED to be reminded.
The last lesson-we are where we're suppose to be- leaves me with the question -What if something doesn't feel right ,like Eddie's job didn't feel right for him, then do we stay because circumstances prevent us from going or do we beak out-take a risk- and change?
Just thinking.