This is one of my favorite books. I find that interesting because I read it over 2 years ago before I started all this boomer women *stuff*.

Reflecting, I realize the reason I must have devoured it is because it's all about women connecting, encouraging, and supporting one another. Sound familiar? Another affirmation from the Lord that I am following His lead.

The whole girlfriend thing is something I believe I couldn't do without. [Big Grin]

I'm a firm believer that everything is better when shared with a friend.

Another thing I must mention is that I still get together with a group of friends that I've known since first grade, plus two that we met in high school.

While reading this book I could hear some of the same words coming out of our mouths. I have come to find that we have more similarities than differences when we are willing to open up and share. Many of us are joined at the hip and we don't even know it. [Razz]

Another thing I thought was fabulous was the differing reactions of the women when someone chose to disclose something. For the most part they were honest and enabled the discloser to reflect and grow from their comments.

Patricia Gaffney showed me that we are all human and the more we are willing to share our human-ness (is that a word?) we are truly blessed.

Now will the real Emma, Rudy, Lee, and Isabel please stand up?

More later, gotta get to church.

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