I think you know more about your past lives than you are recognizing. If you had a trusted friend who would be with you when you had "your glimpses" into past lives it would help. Your friend could ask simple questions like, "What is on your feet", "Are you wearing pants?", "Is it cold", What is to your left" etc.

All of this will help you "see" more of your expereience. You are VERY talented to be able to slide into a past life expereince without any guidance. I wish I could sit with you and ask the questions! What fun.

Dotsie, I do not believe that you carry the knowledge from a previous life to your next life and hold it for more than a few years. But the wisdom of your past life is to help build on the lessons of this life. I believe God and I worked out a "lesson plan" so to speak for this lifetime and there are specific lessons I am to work through and enjoy.

I agree with Meredith in that I have way too much to do and learn here on earth. I can't possibly get His work done in one lifetime. Maybe I am a slow learner and it takes me longer?

Meredith, I have had the fortune of knowing someone personally who could guide me into past life recurrences. We actually did it for entertainment at sea. (no TV). There have been many occassions in my life that follow this rather untraditional approach to spirituallity. I realy can't go into all of them here.

I really wish that I had some spiritual guidance regarding my husband's cancer. I don't have a resource and feel at a loss. Could really use some clarvoyance here and I am too close to the situation to rely on. Any thoughts?