Lynn, I LOVE IT!!! It gave me goosebumps, partly because it sounds much like me. And you seem to know more than I do on this one, because you said our reasons are probably different -- which means that you have a good idea about mine. How do you know about past/future?

Dotsie, until a few years ago I had no recollection of prior lives, although I had a vague feeling that I had been here before and the last whole bunch of times I was male. Five years ago I met a psychic who said that my husband and I had been together several times previously but our genders were usually reversed. It sounded right to me.

About three years ago I started to see snippets of what I believe were past lives. I don't exactly know "who" I was but I have vivid pictures of my surroundings. One of my friends is sometimes there. I've tried to write some of these episodes down but I don't have enough information to say much.

Of course, in my major fantasies I was some kind of local Goddess 3000 years ago in the Mideast, but probably everybody has those fantasies.