Dotsie - Satan had free will in heaven and look where it got him <g>. I've studied other religions and, while I find them interesting, for me, Christianity is still the answer. There's a verse in Deut. that says each shall be judged by the way in which they have lived their lives or religion <can't remember the exact word>. Of course, that's the Old Test. law and we're under New Test. Christ love and sacrifice so does it still apply? I dunno.

In Sunday School one time, the people wanted to study the major religions of the world. One of the keenest proponents was getting ready to go on a trip to California. I told her I had a state map of South Caroline I'd loan her for her trip. I was sure she would find it interesting and useful. She looked at me blankly and said, but I'm going to California not South Caroline.

I point exactly. Sometimes people are so caught up in the "words" of a religion they forget it's not about the "words", it's about the life the words give. "I am the way, the truth and the light and no man shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven except by me." I believe my path to heaven is only through Jesus Christ and His grace. It's not about how good a Christian I am <because I'm usually not>; it's not about how often I attend church <because often I don't>; it's not about my good works <because a lot of the time I'm selfish>. It's simply not about me. It's about Jesus and His sacrifice, His mercy, His grace, His love. And for whatever crazy reason, He chose me. I can do no less than to say yes to His amazing love.