If you're interested, here's something that the Baha'i Faith says about the next world (heaven): first, our soul begins on earth and continues _progressing_ forever. In existence (in all God's worlds), there's only progression (growth) or decay, there's no standing still (stagnation is decay).
The purpose of life on the material plane (earth) is to know and to love God. Here we develop spiritual qualities that we'll need in the next world(s). It's like the fetus in the womb before it's born -- it's developing what it will need in this world. The fetus doesn't need arms and legs, etc., but is developing them for later. A baby born without limbs or eyes or ears can exist, but its life will be more difficult than a healthy baby.
Similarly, we're developing qualities that we'll need in the next world. For example, many people on earth exist without faith and love and can get by. But in the next world, faith and love will be necessary for a "healthy" existence.
Also, the next world is as close to us as the fetus is close to this world. The beings in the next world are somehow connected to and involved with us.
Once you leave the material world, God will be obvious. It will be no great act of faith to recognize God there as it is here.
Aligning our will with God's will is a process. We can often assume we know what God wills for us individually, but also may not be absolutely certain. We will experience existence,including freedom, in the next world also according to the efforts we exert in this one and the spiritual qualities we take with us.
Finally, you can't take negative qualities (greed, envy, hate, etc.) with you. For example, hate is the absence of love, but in itself is not a spiritual quality, just as the shadow of a thing has no substance in itself. People develop greater or lesser capacities for love, faith, trust, mercy, and all the spiritual qualities, which is what we take with us into the next world. So, even though for Baha'is there is no concept of hell, there is a notion that we will be closer to or farther away from God and from aligning ourselves with God's will.