All in favor of mandatory castration and the removal of the forefingers of hackers please raise your hand!!!! Please tell me how warped these jackasses are that all they have time to do day in and day out is screw up my computer. Don't they realize that I am perfectly capable of screwing up my own computer without even trying. And now I have to stand on my head while performing techno feats to fix the screwed up mess. I am sorry that they dislike Bill Gates, but that is not my problem. I dislike alot of businesses but I don't go to some hacker's house and mess with their lives. So now my computer which is only 2 months old, the last one being fried by a virus donated by one of these cyber thugs, needs hours to fix. My oven won't light for some reason, my phone lines are full of static because the squirrels chewed them and it's wet out, my air conditioning system is leaking buckets, and my rugs all smell because the stupid beagle puppy just doesn't get it!!!! Is that enough whining for you all, I'm sure you are ready to take me out and just put me out of my misery. But on a positive note....even tho all the appliances in my house have been besieged by emotional state is much improved as my husband and I try to pick up the pieces. So all in all....I'm still counting my blessings while whining about the other stuff. Oh, and by the way, if you see bill gates, would you please send him over to fix my damned computer.