Since my work market got rained out this weekend, I decided to indulge myself with something I spontaneously decided to do.

I painted a picture frame.

It was one of many boring black frames on a dark wood wall, with a charcoal drawing 2 1/2' x 3'. Dark, big, and dark. I painted around the whole frame in 6 colors of bright stripes perpendicular to the picture.

It looks funky, fun and cheery.

It also took 9 hours. I was using good acrylic paints but they didn't cover the black, so every stripe had maybe 8 coats of paint. If anyone else thinks, "Gee, meredithbead, that's a great idea and I'd like to do it, but NINE HOURS???" I recommend you find out what paints will cover better over black. If I had known how long it would take, I coulda made a trip to my local crafts store, invested $5 and been finished in 1/3 the time.

But they're really pretty colors and I'm still glad I did it.