I too agree with everyone about this being a good thing. Children need something they can call their own...a hobby, a musical instrument, anything. Just something that says "this is me...I create this." It doesn't have to be good even...just as long as the world understands this came from ME!

Boy, talk about luck...with Meredith around, if she needs help or instructions, you've got it made! Now...if she needs to know how to slay a dragon, plunder a village, or wear a crown, have her call me, want you?

We had 1 phone for 5 girls for a long time before we got another private line. Both phones had enough line to carry them outside to the back steps for privacy....nice memories.

My first boyfriend, Paul, use to play his guitar over the phone to me every night until I would fall asleep. (Junior high) I'd have the phone next to my ear while laying down in bed. I'd have the covers pulled over my head thinking I was fooling everybody. Mother said she would come back there, pull the covers back, pick up the phone and say "good night Paul, she's asleep" and then hang up the phone. Another nice memory.