You gals would be so proud of my daughter. We gave her a kit of beads for Christmas and she's been making necklaces non-stop. [Wink]

She even has some of the official clasps and hooks. They look so professional.

She keeps coming upwith al lthese patterns that look awesome. Just thought I'd share.

The first one she made was for her boyfriend...of course, but mine happened to be the second! Not bad, huh, for a sixteen year old girl. The rest are for friends. It's been a great way to keep her occupied during the holidays... when she chooses to stay home with us. [Big Grin]

She also got a new phone for her room so as you can imagine, even if she is home, we don't see her much.

Remember the days of being a teen and on the phone. I remember our house had a wall phone in the kitchen. I'd drag that long cord as far as I could across the room and sit on the basement steps with the door pulled almost tight enough to cut the cord! [Big Grin]