Okay so I got your attention... [Big Grin]

I'm about to share the most Martha Stewartish project I've ever done. [Razz]

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Hopefully some of you will be able to use this idea during the season.

Since the kids were little we would always bake for our neighbors and on Christmas Eve my husabnd and the kids would drive around the neighborhood and deliver the goodies. TRADITION!
Still doing it last year at ages, 14, 15, and 17. We baked all kinds of cookies and always a Baby Jesus Cupcake on each glass plate that I bought from the dollar store.

The Baby Jesus cupcakes were simple to make. Cupcake mix, chocolate icing, coconut with yellow food coloring as hay and a plastic baby plunked down on the hay.

Well with the diabetics in the house I chose to bake less and do something else.

Are you ready for this ladies?

You know the clementines you buy in little crates this time of year? My family loves them, and so do I.

I save all those little wooden crates, spray paint them silver or gold, fill them with greens (all kinds), and put fruit and Christmas candy that I buy at Sam's Club, along with some little ornament that I buy at the dollar store (8 for a dollar), couple candy canes, and call it a gift/center-piece.

What do you think? Would Martha be proud or what?

If you don't buy the clementines, you could use boxes.

They look very Christmasy!

Anyone else have gift ideas?