Definitely interested in the children's line with a 6 year old girl & an 8 and 11 year old in the offing. I've got to get in a more feminine mindset. After raisin' only boys all these years and bein' a bit (?!) of a 'tomboy' myself, this is like a whole new world.

At least I went to an all-woman college! Ha! And the tail end of my mom's nine kids was 4 girls, so I'm not completely alien to beads, bells, bows and baubles (though none of us ever really went for that thing). But my daughter's a real girlie-girl as my husband and I call her. Anything pink, fuzzy, frilly, lacy -- she's all over that. Likes to wear dresses, play with dolls, etc.

I was a mud 'n truck type myself who liked climbing trees mor'n just about anything!

So, now that I've told'ja a whole lot mor'n ya wanted to hear, I'll e-mail you for details about the children's jewelry when I get a chance or go ahead 'n feel free to initiate -- since I'm a noodlehead at remembering things once I've moved on to something else.