We have decided not to take a vacation this year. The past two years, we have taken wonderful car tours of Nebraska, S. Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and Colorado. But this fall, I will be starting my RN training, and won't be able to take the time off from work and school to take vacation. We may take a couple of short road trips to area attractions just to get away, or continue a tradition we started about 5 years ago of taking a weekend a month and just go to a larger town and take in a restaurant meal, shopping and movie.
We both love the mountains and had a glorious time last year. I took 18 rolls of film in to be developed after we returned. Some of the photos have glorious color, as we traveled in the first week of October when the trees are at the height of their autumn glory. I wish this forum accepted attachments so I could share some of the photos with you. I plan to use some of them as backgrounds for future paintings. We have two albumns of photos just from our trips.
I have never been to the beaches on either coast, and have never been out of this country. Dennis, of course, has traveled more, from running his semi coast to coast and from serving in Vietnam in the Seabees.
I'd like to know other good vacation spots and any advice you might have for traveling.