The other day one of my friends who owns a vacation rental program, was speaking about the need to quickly "turn around" a number of homes, because this is a big time of year for vacation home rentals in our part of the world.

He quickly explained to me how they "speed clean" homes while still doing a good job of the work. I did not take notes, though I wish I would have...

But now I just saw a column on about smart cleaning techniques to get the work done as fast as possible. One article was about quick kitchen clean ups after a meal.

I've listed it here, but it seemed pretty basic to me. And it didn't even mention one of my favorite tips, which is to clean up as I go along with the meal prep. I find that if I can do that, the job is 95% done by the time we finish eating.

So what good tips do you have that you're willing to share?
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