I like baking too, Anne. I donít bake near as much as I use too, which was daily almost. I was always baking for someone. But I still make a variety of breads weekly for my husband and I that I put up in the freezer.

If I need more heat to help raise the dough, I turn my dryer on for a few minutes and then shut it off. I set my bowl of yeast dough or pan of cinnamon rolls in the dryer and close the door until it is done rising. Also, if I am drying clothes, I have set my yeast dough on top of my dryer. I use a sunny window too, but it hasnít been too sunny lately. frown

I have used a heating pad when making yogurt before, but now I use my oven. I can keep it a constant temperature more easily after preheating the oven,using the oven light bulb.