Thank you, Anne! I am neither a writer nor an entrepreneur, and that is why I have never posted too much in the past neither. Years ago when I joined, I understood it was a forum for all Boomers but mostly a place for Boomer writers or business ladies. I have always enjoyed most of the ladies and the conversations that went on here. Seems everyone has moved on to Facebook or someplace else, which is part of life, I guess. This was my first forum I ever joined so I have fond memories. smile

I am leaning heavily towards leather, but wanted opinions of others who have or as had experience with leather furniture. In the past, I always have a throw or a blanket on me in the winter---not so much anymore with hot flashes, lol. So I donít think the cold part will bother me so much right now, ha. I was thinking that leather would hold up very nicely too! Shoot, I have a couple of leather jackets that are 20 years old and look new. Granted, they havenít gotten as much use as a sofa would get but stillÖ..

I like leather seats in a car too, and I have never noticed them to be cold in winter or sticky in summer either, come to think of it. confused

Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it.