Hi Cookie, great to see you back here again.

I have a leather sofa and matching love seat. The sofa is a queen size hide-a-bed, though it doesn't look like it is.

I bought them at least 15 years ago and they have been in use every day since then. They don't really look any different than when we bought them. Which is a very good thing, IMHO. And they are easy to care for.

My only objection to them -- and it's very minor -- is that the leather is cool to the touch when you first sit in it. Not something I ever noticed in a fabric upholstered piece. So if it is winter and you are a bit chilly, you'll probably end up wanting a nice cozy throw on the couch, so you can cuddle up in it when you first sit down.

I also have leather seats in my car, and they never seem cold to me when I first get in, so I'm not sure what to make of this. Except that the couch and loveseat are not as firm as the car's driver's seat. They're sort of down filled, so they are "poufy" when you sit in them. But both are very comfortable...

(Also I just realized, I my seat in the car is heated. And if it's cold, I'm usually wearing a coat. So between the coat and the button to push and warm up the seat, it's pretty hard for me to compare the two experiences.)

I'll be interested to hear what other's experiences have been.

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