The other day I was talking to my Dad and he happened to mention that his dishwasher wasn't cleaning his glassware properly. He was starting to get a haze on the glasses.

I told him that I'd had the same problem, and switching dishwasher detergent has fixed it. But I also mentioned that he'd be able to get his glassware to shine again with a bit of vinegar...

That started us talking about the many things that some of our basic food products vinegar (and incidentally, honey) can do -- all unrelated to their traditional food uses. Which was a fun discussion.

I was reminded of that discussion just now, when I came across a great article listing ways vinegar can be used -- beyond the basics of making salad dressing...

The article started out like this:

It's cheap and may not be glamorous, but the vinegar you put on your salad can protect against heart disease and cancer, and even help us age more slowly.

Vinegar not only tastes great on chips, dresses up a salad and makes glassware sparkle, but it is also a storehouse of important vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and enzymes and has a host of amazing healing powers.

New research means doctors and scientists are calling it one of the 'functional' foods - foods that are not only nutritious but help prevent and protect against disease.

And here's a link to the whole story which conveniently breaks down the tips by vinegar types...

But, I suspect there are more things you use vinegar for. I for one, use it in a 4/1 ratio with water (4 parts water, 1 part vinegar) to clean and disinfect our C-PAP supplies. Something I do on a weekly basis.

So how about you? What's your favorite (atypical) use for vinegar?

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