Hello Anne,

Thank you for the welcome and good question. Being cold all the time is more of a thyroid issue but when you get it tested, most doctors will tell you that you're in the "normal" limits and do nothing about it. "Normal limits" is data taken from the average woman your age. The average woman your age is estrogen deficient which impacts thyroid significantly.

I was cold all the time too most of my adult life until I met an off beat doctor who prescribed me Armour Thyroid. My hands, butt, feet and nose were things that were rarely warm. Armour Thyroid is the most natural form of thyroid on the market, and is the most complete containing T1, T2, T3, and T4. Patients feel much better on Armour than any other thyroid supplement. When estrogen is deficient, it triggers other hormones to decline as well. Most patients taking a thyroid supplement will be able to stop taking it once her hormones are optimized. Balancing out the estrogen and progesterone levels in women, balances out all the other hormones as well. I was able to stop taking my thyroid after my estrogen was optimized.

Anemia is another reason someone could be cold all the time but most likely it's your thyroid. If a woman is having heavy periods, she could become anemic. Finding a doctor trained to optimize your thyroid will be tough. The goal is to optimize the estrogen to balance out everything else.