OK, here's what looks to be a reliable article on HRT and breast cancer which comes from a site called www.breastcancer.org.

The answer is complex, so I'm sure it would be best to read it, rather than have me paraphrase it.

But the bottom line seems to be that there are two types of HRT: Estrogen only and "combination HRT" which contains both the hormones estrogen and progesterone.

What I get out of the article is that every woman needs to make her own best decision. BUT if a woman is suffering severely from post-menopausal hot flashes, etc., the ESTROGEN ONLY version of HRT can prove to be helpful in preventing the menopausal symptoms, with minimal concern for breast or ovarian cancer.

Perhaps our new member, "M2," can tell us what she knows about this. Meanwhile, I will continue to search for the name of the expert I interviewed, and the recording of the call.

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