Hi all,
Lady Jane was an active member here for many many years (and, like many of us, probably still checks in to keep up to date with everyone). I am asking that all of us join in with her in prayer...this BWS prayer circle has always been very powerful - I have personally been profoundly touched and empowered by the caring prayers of the women here. So I would just like us to start one of our loving prayer circles for Jane this morning.

Here is what Jane posted on her Facebook page this morning:
"Dear Friends, there's some news from my home. After 10 years of being (supposedly) cancer free, I have recently found out that I have Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer (of the bone marrow/bone). We've had 3 days of shock and sadness but now... it's fight time. I have already begun treatment. I'm weak in the body but strong in the soul. There is a lot of hope to be had for my hubby and me and we're going to battle with full armor. Prayer is the most powerful tool we have so if you're so inclined, please remember us in this way. Thank you !!"

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