I don't buy ice cream very often, but I did pick up some Breyer's Butter Pecan the other day, as we had some special occasion which merited ice cream.

I am an ice cream purist, and I've bought Breyer's for years, because I could always count on their simple ingredients - which were all "real foods" with pronounceable names. You know: milk, eggs, cream, etc.

Well, imagine my surprise when I got home and happened to notice while putting the ice cream in the freezer, that it seems to be labelled "frozen dairy dessert."

I did some checking, and found out Breyer's has joined the "fake food" legion.

Here's someone else's blog, which deals with Breyer's fall from grace.

Well, I guess this means I will stick to my guns about healthy food - after we finish up this package, which I have now partially served, so I can't return it to the store.

Guess I'll either eliminate ice cream from our diets, or start learning how to make my own. Somewhere in the cupboard I think there's an ice cream maker that was a wedding gift I've never used....
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