Hi Kathi,

I am another fan of Di's Shea butter. I had never tried a pure Shea before I bought some from her, and I was a bit disconcerted when it first arrived, as it initially did not as easy to use as lotions or other creams I had tried.

Di sends along an applicator -- looks like a popsicle stick -- with your purchase, and I used it to "dig" the butter out of my jar.

She advises users to place a small piece in your hand and massage it around until it warms up and "melts" a bit, making application easier.

However, last winter Di started selling a little electric warmer, her "Shea Butter Station" which allows the Shea to be dispensed as an oil.

Serendipitiously, at about the same time she did this, my Shea "tub" accidentally fell off my bedside table and landed on the floor board heat register in my bedroom.

When it found it, the heat had been on, and my Shea Butter had also turned itself to an oil.

So: while I have not purchased a "Shea Station," I HAVE enjoyed warmed Shea butter, and it is a true skin treat.

Just my "two cents worth," for the record. smile

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