One of the most striking things about the article, unless I misread it, is that the Chinese government has invested heavily in making themselves attractive to corporations. The infrastructure: roads, factories just in case they get a contract, fiber optics, etc., are put in by the government, not private companies -- just as we built out interstate highway system back in the 50's.

It makes sense to me the we should be asking, namely taxing ourselves, our government to make sure the parts are in place, and then let private entrepreneurs do their thing. I'm not sure if we have to the political will to see the bigger picture anymore, though.

The second thing was to hear that we're not training enough skilled people in the US anymore. Why on earth is that?

And third, kind of peripheral but I think related: I'm taking a Latin class here at the university. Actually, it's my second semester. Here's a dismaying fact: Of course I'm the oldest person in the room, which is no problem. But one of the problems the students have with learning the rules of Latin grammar -- and it's hard -- is that they HAD NO GRAMMAR IN SCHOOL. None. This is not one kid; it's most of the class. Is this a generational thing? Is it where I live? Frankly, I'm shocked and appalled. You don't need to be an engineer; you do need to learn your own language.