It gets even more confusing when poll results change.

The latest word in Iowa this morning is that Santorum and Romney essentially tied in the Iowa Republican caucus earlier this month.

Here's an article and chart published in the Dubuque Telegraph Herald (newspaper) this morning:
Certified Results for Iowa Caucus

The 2012 Iowa Republican Caucus certified vote totals with 1,766 of 1,774 precincts reporting to the state Republican Party.

Candidate Total votes

Rick Santorum 29,839

Mitt Romney 29,805

Ron Paul 26,036

Newt Gingrich 16,163

Rick Perry 12,557

Michele Bachmann 6,046

Jon Huntsman 739

No preference 147

Other 86

Herman Cain 45

Sarah Palin 23

Buddy Roemer 17

Total 121,503

Iowa Republican Party

How's that for confusing? Especially since the pool is smaller now, with Perry, Bachmann and Huntsman gone. But, I guess that's what the "sifting and winnowing" process is all about, right?
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