After you've lived a while, the brain gets so stuffed with info, pulling the right word out of the hat isn't always the easiest thing to do.

I haven't been too much a part of this particular discussion because MY BRAIN had to take a break from all the political stuff. But, I just can't stay out of this one any longer given Cain's latest meltdown. Commenting is just too much fun.

My daughter works as a copy editor for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, so I am sure that next time I talk with her, she will have some "back story" for me on what went on in the MJS newsroom when they heard this one...

IMHO it's clear Cain's head has been stuffed with too much too quickly. Maybe he needs to resort to writing stuff in his hands... LOL!

Herman Cain Stumbles on Libya Question

Enjoy the video!

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