Speaking of menopause, did you know the health issues people have actually come up with a World Menopause Day?

Yep, since 1999, it's apparently been October 18th. who knew?

This year, in honor of World Menopause day, I was invited to a webinar, featuring two medical experts on the topic. Their program was called "Understanding Postmenopausal Sexual Health." The presenters were Drs. Laura Berman and Michael Krychman.

Dr. Berman spoke about the concerns we face when experiencing vaginal dryness and painful intercourse, including confusion and embarrassment.

Dr. Krychman discussed the physiology behind these conditions and available treatment options.

There was a short Q&A session will follow the presentation.

Their program has now been made available to the public, so I can share it with you. Just follow the hyperlink at the front of this paragraph.

As a disclaimer, I should also tell you that Pfizer sponsored the event, though no Pfizer-proprietary products were discussed or promoted...

They listed a few websites that we can also refer to with menopause questions.

These are:



I know we don't discuss sexual stuff here very often if at all, but hey, we are all women who will potentially experience these challenges.

So I thought I'd share the link...

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