Just heard from my friend Sue, who volunteered to be interviewed by NBC Nightly News on this topic.

They are sending a crew out to her in Columbus, Ohio, to do the interview. She just wrote me and said she is going to be cleaning her house this weekend, and is shopping for a new blouse to wear for the interview.

She mentioned that
The NBC Nightly News producer is trying to find another person in the Columbus area as he plans on flying here to film sooner rather than later.

So if any of you know any single women in the Columbus, Ohio area who are worried about being able to afford retirement, now's the time to share this info with them so that they can offer to be interviewed along with Sue..

Who knows how being featured on network TV -- with viewership all over the country -- might affect your job finding opportunities?

As proof I offer this: I saw a segment on NBC news just the other day in which a family in Florida which had been featured on an earlier news piece about foreclosures was being helped by a family in Plano, Texas who saw the story and were moved to act. In this case, the Plano family has committed to helping the Florida family find jobs and in the interim is helping them out financially.

Here's a link to this heartwarming story: Restoring Belief in the American Dream

So who knows what could happen after YOUR story is shared on national news?

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