I wanted a Precious Moments theme baby shower but had trouble finding figurines and all the necessary items, not to mention the price of each one. But I created the party favors, the centerpieces, the banner, the invitations... and still had a precious moments baby shower my friends loved! And so did my DIL.
I am thankful to God for the ideas he gave me. It took a while to put it all together but it was worth it!

I did buy her the crib set(comforter, fitted, etc) and receiving blankets. Plus I did my first ever Diaper Cake (Precious Moments, of course!). It was so much fun, although it was a real challenge, for I designed it to be a square (to go along with the centerpiece PM blocks I designed. I've also started a crochet blanket which still requires many hours. ( I have to do a little each time. We still have about a month for the due date so I pray I can get it done on time. Thanks for the link, Anne. Many good ideas there!
We played three games I had never seen before and my guests had a great time!
In His love, Songbird