Thanks Anne!

I called my ex FIL and offered my condolences. He relayed the following:

"lost everything about 2 years ago, missing for 1.5 years, never called for help, homeless veteran, was walking with others along the highway and collapsed, cremated in Texas, military burial with 1st ex-wife (son and ex step-daughter) in attendance, had not seen his son in about 4 years."

My ex FIL says that he feels at peace because he no longer has to worry where he is, says "I now know where he is."

The NY family had posted missing posters in the San Antonio area.

My ex FIL says he's not seen his grandson (now 23) since he was 3 years old; however, I know that's not true -- he just may be forgetful and sad. He saw him as a teenager, which is a pretty long time, too.

My ex was such an abusive individual and an alcoholic.

He had a full military burial.

Can you imagine being a retired E-9 with full benefits and becoming homeless?

I've always known him to put himself first and overspend extravagantly. He got himself into a pickle and I imagine the creditors deducted from his military retirement pay and he had nothing else. He never reached out to his family for help.

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