I'm speaking from personal experience, only. I've family members who are very well educated; I hold education in high esteem. On the other hand, we've a family member who has spent his entire life going to school, but has no common sense. My late MIL was a teacher; my hubby is a geologist; his brother and wife both have Master Degrees. I'm not trashing well-educated people. I know I've written poems about "Experts." Don't you ever get bummed at an "expert's" experimental conclusion being negated by another expert doing the same lab experiment and publishing a conclusion in direct opposite to the first. For example: the media announces chocolate, coffee, eggs, or bacon aren't good for you. A few years thereafter somebody else says, dark chocolate, etc., etc. have x,y, z benefits.
That's the sort of stuff I'm talking about. If unclear, again I apologize. I, too, know several people who've gone back to school in later years. I think it's a wonderful goal to desire and attain.