Mind fog...
I perceive mind fog to be a kinda day dreaming our thoughts are somewhere else...you maybe think it is something else.

but you have mentioned in past posts that you believe some
people who have "tons" of education have no common sense..
so maybe this is an example of the sort of through away statement that some people feel is a belief you hold.In my case until yesterday I would not have replied to such posts. But you did seem to want clarification of what is being discussed in another topic. this is a small example.

I do not intent to hurt you but as I am a person who returned to gain qualifications and devoted a part of my adult life to study I hold learning in esteme.I do not speak about those who are talented practically but do not have a degree

My final career was to provide education to those who sought it or who were in the catagory of needing life skills taught.

Education is not an either or..to being practical