Hi Ruth, I got a kick out of your website. Voted on a couple of things to pitch. Also got a kick out of how easy it is to tell you to get rid of something when I have the same problem. I have a lot of "stuff" and not much space. My husband and I are trying to get rid of some clutter. The dining room is looking good right now.

My computer room is the biggest problem. I have everything I can't get rid of in here and a lot that I should get rid of in here too. Yesterday, my 4 year old granddaughter noticed a stack of pictures in frames on my floor. I was deciding which ones were going back in the living room and which ones weren't and moved them out of the way because she was coming.

She saw them anyway. When she came to one of her in a nice frame, she said, "Mimi, if you get rid of some of this crap on your desk you can put this picture of me right here." She proceeded to move papers out of the way and placed her photo right beside my monitor. She said it in such a cute way and was really trying to help me out and also did not want her picture on the floor, I guess. But, the kid made sense. I went through some stuff on the desk last night and plan to go through more today. As a writer, I have so much paper around. I found a photo album I had bought and will put some of the photos in that and get rid of the frames. Less dusting. Good luck to you.