Chatty, DJ's comment had nothing to do with Muslims. It came from Republican members of Congress who are seeking to limit which women can qualify for taxpayer-subsidized abortions. At first they wanted to include only 'forcible' rape and incest of minors, but after vigorous protests restored the original exemptions for all rapes and cases of incest.

Sorry, but these are our own home-grown Americans, most of whom are, of course, Christians.

Like you, I have no idea how they intended to identify forcible rape. Did the woman have to be all beaten up and get people to certify her story? Threatened with a gun? It's a slippery slope. Most people felt the intent of the proposal was to restrict abortions to the fewest cases possible regardless of what happened to the woman.

This is actually part of a broader push back against taxpayer funds to help women get birth control, tests, pregnancy care, and the like.