This reminds me of something I read years ago that has become so ingrained in me. It was by Jean Vanier and I can't quote word for word, so will just give the gist of it. Essentially, he suggested that in every moment of our lives and in every encounter with every person we meet, we either sow seeds of death or seeds of life. We are constantly choosing, by our thoughts, actions, words and non-actions, to either sow seeds of darkness and death - or seeds of light and life. There's no in-between.

Thoughts of vengeance lead to actions, words and a general demeanor which support those thoughts and those beliefs of vengeance...more darkness in a world that needs more light.

People have hurt me, hurt others, rippled devastating consequences into my life that have created painful rubble that I've had to stumble over in order to move on. I've learned that keeping grudges, wishing for vengeance, praying that others will get what I think they deserve (not in a good way), are all seeds of death and create dark and destructive forces WITHIN ME, leading me further and deeper into despair.

When I forgive and let go, asking God to BLESS those people (in a good way) according to His will for their lives, and to teach me the golden nuggets of wisdom and learning that always exist within every situation, good and bad, then I am living in light and sowing seeds of life, both within myself, and in the lives of those others.

The Bible is very clear, though again I cannot quote, about God laying before us death or life, and then exhorting us to choose life. Choosing life means choosing to live lives of forgiveness, compassion and love, even and especially for those who hurt us.

That's (IMO) what being a Christian is supposed to be about - not seeking vengeance (which only adds more darkness and death to our own hearts and in turn to anyone and everyone we encounter), but seeking forgiveness and reconciliation and sowing seeds of life and light wherever we can.

I have to say that it is beyond my comprehension to ever even think about asking God to hurt anyone for any reason! To use prayer and God in that way is abhorrent to me. My heart and spirit yearns for peace and yearns for more light and love in the world - that yearning leads me to use prayer to ask God to bless, heal, encourage, strengthen and help others in whatever way those others need, including all who hurt me or others.
When you don't like a thing, change it.
If you can't change it, change the way you think about it.

(Maya Angelou)