Looks like my DIL and some of our friends will spend Christmas together. I haven't heard word one since my son forgot my birthday in June. My son hasn't called her either unless he had something to gripe about. We have both dropped all content with her daughter, my granddaughter. She is notnhing but trouble and it is so nice not tro have her in our lives anymore. We miss her baby but she used her to try and keep us under her thumb. We both had to ban her from our Facebook accounts and that has stopped her horrid lies. My DIL is and was such a good mom and doesn't deserve her daughters anger and slander, she has even slapped her mom at times until I stepped in by request of my DIL. So it looks like a peaceful, fun Christmas. My grandson Jason will be home from the marines for a week then and he is bringing his girlfriend for us to meet. They want to get married and what better place then here?
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