Yes, we give our children every opportunity to advance themselves through education, the bank of mom and dad,loans, second mortgages to make this happen for them, and have high hopes for them finally attaining their degrees and moving forward in their path. But the day to day life for our young adults, once they leave the college scene, is very hard reaching for them.It's about impossible for young adults today to make a decent living, much less start their family. Our lives were hard, back in the early 70's, but we always worked and did what we had to, as our parents did, and I am grateful our sons have a deep work ethic, but it wrenches me so to hear how difficult it is for them to make it month to month, let alone save for later- and I am SO thankful they are working and independent! It seems like young adults and young families today have to go out on a wing and a prayer to have the life we would wish for them.It's definitely not our parents lives, nor ours- and there aren't many ways to paint a prettier picture for them- we just have to know we gave them the tools to move forward, and trust we gave them strength and insight..and hope we didn't give them too much as to make them complacent. And pray really hard that they can achieve their life path and some semblance of decent life..and by that I mean just being able to look forward to their future and be savvy enough to plan for it.