Chatty, please don't misunderstand me. I am a fan of MamaRed, I'm on her mailing list and I know she is a trustworthy resource.

But since she seemed to be saying that she'd had to miss Lorrie's event AND also miss M2W, I just wanted to share that I could recommended another knowledgeable internet marketing resource.

We all know there are plenty of people out on the web who say they know how to market online, but not all of them are the "real deal."

MamaRed is, of course.

So is Lorrie, the woman whose program she was mentioning that she'd have to miss.

And so is Cindy Speaker.

However, Cindy isn't as well known on the Internet Marketing circuit, because she has been spending the last few years focused on training lawyers how to market. She's well-known and highly respected in legal circles. And she is an NABBW member.

I like to support the endeavors of ALL of our membership.
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