To continue the pressure cooker saga. Ok I got lots of positive responses from friends so decided to buy one. Researched online, like I said above. Made a list of the features I was looking for. Went to a couple of stores, found one I was going to buy, but decided to take a really good look at the instruction/recipe book that came with it. And noticed that it said NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON FLAT GLASS/CERAMIC COOKTOP BURNERS. Well, guess what we have. Flat, glass, cooktop burners on our stove. Something about the pressure cookers have concave bottoms and they will not heat properly and won't work well on these type of burners. I am BUMMED as I was all set on learning how to cook with a pressure cooker.
Checked a couple of other models and they all said the same thing. DARN!!! Guess I'm glad I read the book before buying it!!

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