Dotise I'm glad you asked about the steamed veggies because we steam our's too and I was also wondering if there's a difference.
My CQ could almost stand for Coupon Queen because I am a BIG coupon shopper. Yes, I knew Bed, Bath, & Beyond takes them even if they've expired, but glad to see you post it here as others probably don't know that.
Also, for those of you who shop at Publix -- they take competitor's coupons. So does Target.
Back to pressure cookers -- Presto (the brand my mom had so many years ago!) has an article online about how to determine which pressure cooker is the best one for you to buy (what size and other determining factors) -- I only glanced at it this morning (was running late for the gym as usual) and am about to go read it now. From what I saw it wasn't even pushing their brand, just general info. I'll post if I end up buying one.