Many of the Seniors in our park live alone and rent reooms out to other single people. Lately people have been complaining about missing items from their homes, garages etc., even the office was burgeled. They were able to find out that two people, man and woman each rented a room in tw2 different homes then went to work as a team robbing people they new weren't home. It went on for sometime until one got caught and somehow they found out there were two working together.

Now a person can still rent a room but the renter is put through their paces and must go to the police station for a thorough check.

I personally welcome the added safety for the rest of us. We also have a new manager who is an ex FBI supervisor and boy is he a stickler for safety. At a meeting last week I was elected Captain for our block as Neighborhood Watch... So far it is easy and fun.
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