Yesterday was another 'first' for me. Hive Beetles are a problem for bee hives and we've seen then so Larry ordered items to put within the hive to help combat the nasty little suckers. That meant we had to dismantle the hive and disrupt our bees. I suited up (white shirt, white jeans, socks, sneakers (elastic bands around wrists and ankles and a mesh hood and rubber gloves...I wasn't taking any chances..Larry's so comfortable he just wore gloves and his hood. We got everything ready and the smoking began...inside you could hear them buzzing away...they start trying to clear the hive of smoke so it keeps them too busy to string...before I knew it the hive was dismantled and we were surrounded by bees...all of them non-aggressive. Not one landed on me or tried to sting me and I was in their face close. We had to work quickly and the top feeding tray (heavy sugar water) had bees fall into it...poor darlings were stuck so Larry and I were trying to lift them's as if they knew we were helping...they' try and climb up onto my gloved finger and then I'd put them near the hive...I can see where one falls in love with these little creatures. Not once did any of them try to string nor did they become agressive as a group. Larry put the hive back together after putting in anti-beetle stuff and by the evening all were back in the hive making honey. This is the most incredible thing I've ever seen and what fun Larry and I are doing this together...I told Larry that if anyone had asked me if I'd ever be handling bees I would have told them they were out of their ever-loving mind...but, after this, I get why people love doing this. We're hoping for our first honey next year...I'll keep ya'll posted.
"They will be able to say that she stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away....and surely it has not.....she adjusted her sails" - Elizabeth Edwards