I have had a notion to have bees for a long time.Indeed a beekeeper promised to leave hives here for a season and start me off.Alas he died very suddenly so that never happened.A nearby village has many hives and keepers..The orchards and heather being the source of pollen.
Beekeepers are said to live long...(my friend didn't)and a
one tradition is that each evening at sundown the keeper tells the bees all the news from the area..
Honey is anticeptic..great for wounds ..ulcers and healing inwardly..
Trials of NZ manuka honey show great results but beekeepers believe their honey also would test well..but trials are costly..
one type of honey is said to aid cancer care...this is from bees kept in a valley in semi captivity and these bees visit certain plants only...hope for a natural cure for cancer may lie in our small friends the bees..
I am never afraid of bees and can catch a bee in my greenhouse in my clapsed hands much to my familys' amazement
without bees our food source would diminish...

what a great hobby for Larry..