As many of you know, our daughter moved back home around this time last year. She's working part time and going to school part time. It's working and we've sorta gotten use to her late hours and routine.

Now our youngest son has returned from a 52 day tour with a band where he filmed behind the scenes footage to produce a DVD for the band. He traveled around the entire country and landed home. While he has his apartment in Brooklyn, he's chosen here to chill for awhile. He's great fun to have around. Very upbeat, has his music playing on his laptop while working, camps out at the kitchen counter with computer, hard drives, little hard drives, etc where he organizes hours and hours of footage. HE also shares footage and songs with me as I go through the ktichen. I just love it. He's pleasant, agreeable, and very easy going. He takes after his dad - ha!

Anyway, while it's great having him around, it's another schedule to get use to and plan around. Also meaning more late hours.

While they are quiet through the night, we still here them coming up and down the stairs, or the dog barks because she gets startled, etc.

I guess all I'd like is a complete night's sleep without any interruptions. I-yi-yi.

How do any of you manage all the schedules in your home?
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