I just found her site thru our NABBW site. I checked it out briefly..and found her site to be so filled with warmth and understanding (because she is going thru it herself) and lots and lots of practical ideas that are actually doable..not off the charts, so to speak. I just wanted to recommend her to anyone who is having a tough time during this season of holidays and more holidays and even more holidays. It IS a time of magic..but it CAN be painful at times too..if you´ve been a mom for 40 yrs and now..well, they really ARE gone. Yes, I have grandchildren..but at the moment their mom..my daughter, is angry with me..so we have no contact. I am mother of 5...adult children.

This empty nest business affects me in ways that I am not always prepared for..and it spills into parts of my life that I never thought it would. And Natalie..well, she "sees" and "feels" and puts into words thoughts that I have..but haven´t been able to put together..if that makes any sense??

Natalie´s site is really soothing and helpful.. She speaks to your heart of hearts..she really does.

"some sacred place.."