Hi. I'm not sure if this is the correct place for this, but I just wanted to pass along a warning.

A co-worker told me this story over coffee this morning. I think she was VERY lucky that something bad didn't happen to her.

She went out last Saturday night with friends to a bar. She had 1 drink before dinner, one with dinner, then later one more. She had 1 shot with a friend, then about half an hour later "felt funny" and went to the bathroom.

Her friends knew she was in there and kept checking on her. She finally threw up after over two hours and felt better. But she had no idea she'd been in there that long. She said she did not feel "drunk" after throwing up.

I think she was drugged, but she said the shot just pushed her over the edge. However, three drinks and one shot over the course of a 7 hour night doesn't sound overly excessive to me.

Just wanted to pass along a warning. Things can and DO happen to women every day. Just my opinion, but she was lucky she had friends there looking out for her.