I am putting this here because current events is about the recent plane crash and I didn't want to cover it up...

I was wondering what we all think about Micheal Phelps, 8 times gold medal winner in the last Olympics, being caught smoking POT at a party??? It seems the media wants to demonize this young man and he is losing multi million dollar sponser deals, Kelloggs being one of them thats cutting and running. No more Kelloggs in my home!

I for one do not of course agree to anyone smoking pot or doing any drugs, but he is a kid, and from what anyone knows it was the first time and due somewhat to peer pressure.

I think after all he has given up of his young life to train to represent the United States in the Olympics, and do what he did (BRAVO!!) he should be at best given a slap on the wrist and left the hell alone. He apologized sincerely. So, whats your take on all this hullabaloo?
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