A few weeks ago my ex showed up at my door very early one morning. He looked as though someone had beat the crap out of him BUT as he explained he woke up that way. LONG story short he had had a stroke behind one eye and the blood vessels ruptured filling the eye with blood. He could barely see to walk around. He has no one, all relatives are long since dead. SOOOOO I told him to come in, and he has been here ever since getting well. He went back to work this week so should be able to leave. My friends say I am a fool for helping him and he doesn't deserve any kindness from me BUT I wouldn't kick a dog trying to bite me, and he was a soul in need. He couldn't drive to and from the doctor, or cook, couldn't see a thing as the other eye got all bloody and swollen as well. He has been a perfect gentleman and trying not to be messy or agrivating so if i am a fool then so be it. Would I do it again? Yep, I would. No one should be alone in a time like that. But he is one of the reasons I am plannig to move away from Vegas in the ot to far future...What would you have done in my place?
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